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Don’t pee in the pool!

April 22, 2014 smokebeard 0

Absent any recent knowledge about chemistry, and also a pre-21st century mindset that the world was large, and that actions in 1 place don’t impact others, they dumped chemical weapons into the ocean. Sadly this seems to still be […more]

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Guy Waterman & The Waterman Fund

April 1, 2014 smokebeard 0

Backwoods Ethics and Wilderness Ethics are two of my favorite books.  These books, by Laura and Guy Waterman, helped shape my summer in 2002, and every day from that point onward.Check out the Waterman Fund at “Without some management, […more]

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Repost – Do you choose the right path?

March 30, 2014 smokebeard 0

I can’t really add much to this post on the website. PS. Don’t do this.  Plan ahead and prepare!  If you had waterproof shoes, you would never need to expand the path.