PCT12 – 169 – Idyllwild

April 26, 2018 smokebeard 3

Day 12. Trail mile 169. Idyllwild. Leaving Warner A few days back, I got up at dawn and left my trail family behind at Warner Springs. Half of them had been out to the bar, and the other half were […more]

PCT17 – 266 – Big Bear

May 2, 2018 smokebeard 1

So long Idy, hello Big Bear Getting back on the trail from Idyllwild is always a bit of a challenge. There are at least three ways out of town that connect to different points on PCT. Depending on your level […more]

PCT23 – 369 – Wrightwood

May 11, 2018 smokebeard 7

No snow, please We woke up early but there were two inches of snow on the ground, so we all rolled over and went back to sleep. Once we got up, we started feverishly watching the weather report, praying that […more]

PCT28 – 454 – Agua Dulce

May 14, 2018 smokebeard 0

(Warning, picture heavy post) “I have no memory of this place”, said the Smokebeard.  No longer the Greybeard leading the Fellowship, I’m now just another old, slow hiker.  And it turns out that is just fine. After doing many chores […more]