Moonlight Hike at Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Had a great time snowshoeing down old farm roads in the Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge in Exeter, RI.    Along with 14 other ramblers and our guide, Laura, did a no-flashlights walk through old farm lands, now reforested, to a large open field.   There we were serenaded by two coyote packs (and one far off dog, who disapproved of both).  We explored the ruins of the last Parson family homestead, complete with a two-seater privy.

Along the way we stopped to examine and track deer, coyote and fisher cat tracks, which Laura pointed out to us.

My MSR Revo shoes performed perfectly, although were a bit more technical than was needed.   Even the $50 JobLot shoes would have been fine.   Still, having the MSRs with their nice grip on the snow was handy, and made walking easy.

No pictures on this trip, but worth repeating and exploring more of the forest trails.  We went off the marked trails onto the woods road due to the snow crowding all the pines over the trail – not very enjoyable to both break trail and get snow dumped on you!