PCT28 – stuck inside of Wrightwood, with the Tehachapi blues again

As charming as Wrightwood is, and as super friendly as the people are, it’s starting to wear thin.  Not much to report.

The foot is still bad; can’t put much weight on it.  It has gotten less bad, though, so we’ll see.  Monday it might be time for an xray, if it’s a stress fracture, summer will end a lot sooner than planned.  I rolled it and felt a ‘click’ on day3, and surprisingly, walking 20+ miles a day on it didn’t help.

Folks are super nice here.  Discounts everywhere, free PCT patches at the coffee shop, someone drove me on a 60 mile round trip to REI, and another person has let me stay at his house for 4 nights now.  Like I said before, people are generally decent.

A few days back, the whole crew left – Unstoppable Zod, Trail Blazer, Lunch BoxJade, Q, Just Jess, Ocelot, Cody, Hiccupz, the whole gang.  We had one last bash first though.  

I’ve  seen a lot come and go through here since, its kind of like sticking around campus after eveyone leaves for rhe summer, hot and dry and quiet.  It was nice to finally catch up to Eowyn, I’d been following her blog and notes for a while.  Plus anyone with a good backstory about choosing a Lord of the Rings name is all right in my book.

If the foot shapes up, I’ll probably jump ahead to near where my people are.  The next 200 something miles are a hot, deserty grind, with poodle dog bush everywhere.  In other words, skippable and doable in November even ( or not ).  Lunch Box will be back here in a day or two (Got off for a wedding, not hers), so there might be someone to hike with, except she’s a 25 mpd badass.

All depends on the damn foot.  I’d trade this for blisters  any day.


  1. Peggy Brown says:

    Hoping for the best Ed… I admire your fortitude!! You’ve already had what I consider to be a great adventure! ❤

  2. Esther and Bern Sobel says:

    We’ve been following your journey, Ed, awestruck by your courage. We surely hope that your foot will heal, but I’d still painful, we know that you’ll arrange to return and continue. Stay well. Esther and Bern

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