Lake Morena.  Mile 20ish.  Here with about a dozen others, just 2 I know, Johnny Rocket and Butter.  Legs ok, feet sore.  More moleskin tomorrow.  Had a terrific day, with a nice 2 hour siesta, food and chat with a few others including  a guy from Holland.

Saw: LIZARDS, horned toad, some cool blue starling type birds, tons of rabbits, and  so.e weird black lizards.  Campground is full of crows.

Canyons in the desert.

video here

Hauser Creek at mile 15.6.

Met Gloworm and Hiccups today, and a few others struggling along, one girl unable to keep anything down.  Yikes.

Got a decent shower for 50 cents here and did laundry in the sink.  Classy!

Protein powder, turmeric, stretching  then sleep.  Beat.  

21.5 uphill tomorrow??

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  1. Polly Jeff says:

    Sounds like a great start! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Brian Leveille says:

    Thanks for the updates ed!


  3. Gretchen Mom says:

    Love the video. It almost feels like being there with you, without the 40 pound backpack and sore feet though. keep on walking!

  4. Peggy Brown says:

    Great start Ed! Looking forward to what comes next…

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