Flashback – AT99 – Apr 24

Jenny Knob Shelter, N of Bland, VA.  17.3 today.

Here with Dodger, who isn’t annoying at the moment.  Had a long, dusty day, but it wasn’t too bad – mostly flat.  VA is nice.

Feet are bugging me, so I called in a Campmor order including some new Superfeet.   Also a smaller fuel bottle, and replacement socks.   Sent 3.5 lbs of stuff home.   (Fleece, other stuff).   Bland was crap, but I picked up some actual vegetables and cooked onions and peppers into my mac&cheese, and had an apple for desert.   I’ve started cooking dinner around 5pm, taking a 1 hour break, then pushing on until 8 or so.  I feel much better doing it this way, and probably healthier not sleeping on a full stomach.  Plus I get more miles in, there’s no reason to stop after you have dinner.

Not too much to say today.   Crispina is pulling 20s and complaining about dehydration in every register.   Hint: slow down and/or drink more, and you’ll solve both problems.

Virginia is really rural, at least much of southern Virgina is.   It’s hard to get a real “wilderness” experience when you hear cows moo-ing.   The valleys here are long and shallow, so the valley floors are all farms.   Then when you get up on the ridges they’re long and smooth.

Might get to Catawba on Sunday.  I’ve heard of the “Catawba Cooler” trail magic, want to get me some of that.  Hard to say, the layout of shelters between Pearisburg and Catawba kind of sucks – either pull 9s or 20s.   Not that you have to sleep at a shelter, but its nice not to pack up a wet tent, and it’s nice to have water and a place to poop.