Faint trace of deer – actually pretty clear trace

With 3″ of wet snow on the ground I did a little tracking.   Outside the fence I immediately found deer prints, coming and going randomly as they do.   They’re either smaller than I imagine, or have some kind of 6th sense when it comes to navigating through brush at night; they chose paths through a thicket and a stand of little pines that I had trouble navigating during the day.    Found a bed spot where one had laid down, 2-3′ long by about half that wide.  No idea what size deer that is, although last year I saw a pretty decent doe in the area.  I know there’s a 6 pt buck in the area too.   It bedded down probably 100′ into the woods from my fence, and another 200′ from the neighbor’s.   It looked something like this.  Scale seems about right, too.