I hike, you help – donate today

I’m one of the lucky ones

I’m fortunate that I can make this trip, others not so much. We’re all affected by health conditions that we can’t avoid.  Considering this, I plan to use this hike to motivate me to donate to research which might allow more people to have the same amazing experiences I have.

I am slowly losing my sight from a condition called Fuchs’ Dystrophy. There are treatments that can help (they involve lasers and blades, and don’t always work). As it progresses, its like you’re looking at the world through bubble wrap. Who knows, in a few years they might make a magic pill, but its degenerative, and inevitable – which is why its important to continue research.

Others are robbed of the physical abilities needed not just for hiking, but for daily life.  ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is another degenerative, untreatable condition.  I’ve known two people who had this – its not pretty, and it’s not fair. While Lou Gehrig famously called himself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth, I’m pretty sure he’d rather not have had ALS.

Lastly, it feels like everyone is affected by cancer in some way, the great equalizer. Multiple family members. Nowadays there’s treatments, but a permanent cure seems elusive.

Think where medicine was 20 years ago, and imagine where it could be in another 20. They say the first person to live to 150 has already been born.


Join me in donating money to help those who never got this opprtunity. I plan to walk about 3000 miles, from Mexico to Canada. If you find this inspiring, or interesting, or are looking for an excuse to donate to charity, please consider donating a few pennies per mile. I will let you do the math on this. Also – I don’t want your money, YOU keep the tax deduction, dealing with whatever legal framework you’re living.  What I’m asking for is a promise, a PLEDGE, to follow through. When I’m done, whether its 1 mile or 3000, you’re writing the check.

Choose an option on the Google form below, you don’t have to be super specific about WHICH charity you want to donate to, or in whose name. I will do nothing sinister with your email addresses, I promise. Consider signing up to follow the blog as well – voting to donate does not automatically sign you up for updates.

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With current events being what they are, Ukraine might seem like a good choice – please reconsider.   War and violence are irrational, and by definition self-defeating, and can be avoided.  Cancer and other physical conditions can’t – there’s few if any actions where these conditions are a necessary consequence – nobody “deserves” cancer, or ALS, or anything.

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Here’s the totals so far, based on how many miles I’ve walked. I’ll update this as I go, when I have time (and Internet access!)

[advanced_iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQiwPGUrC3B-HXNdgns2jrRppmPZqUVN2Wu-G5q65YtKxAzKZo597avKmloxsNFkEIEmE6yya0HwAeF/pubchart?oid=2108078130&format=image” width=”100%” height=437]


  1. Shana says:

    I love you even more for doing this.

  2. ED GEMMA says:

    Best of luck Ed . Your mom has been updating me every two weeks when we have lunch together. Your making great progress. It takes tremendous conviction and physical stamina to do what you are doing. But I know it comes easy to you because of your love of nature and the great outdoors.
    Keep it going !!!!!! Ed

    1. smokebeard says:

      Thanks! And it’s not always easy, but it usually is fun.

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