CDT – final charity drive results

Thanks for following along everyone, and getting involved with the charity drive.   I spoke with a number of folks out there who appreciated that for many people, a multi-month outdoor adventure just isn’t possible.   Some people are robbed of the opportunity by bad genes, fate, or just bad luck.   Hopefully with more research, some of these conditions can be cured so that everyone can enjoy the opportunities I’ve had.

34 people donated $2.22 per mile total across 6 separate charities.   The mileage is one of a couple numbers.   The last mile, on trail, that I hit was 1902.   BUT, because I skipped 246 miles of NM due to National Forest closures, AND because I skipped 167 miles of CO due to COVID, and ALSO skipped 180 miles of WY due to exhaustion and Virginia Blues, I actually walked somewhere north of 1309 miles.  In the middle of that I switched to the East Collegiate Loop of the trail as it passes through Colorado, so that mileage is plus or minus another random amount.  So its your call – your donation/mile X 1902, or your donation/mile X 1309, or somewhere in between.  Now since this was a pledge there’s no money already out there,  and you’re free to renege on some or all of it.   Trail Jesus is watching you.

If we use 1902 as the mileage, the total comes out to $4222.44.

  • For Fuchs’ Dystrophy by far the top category at $1.55 per mile, go here – and where it asks for “Physician, Researcher or Disease Area” key in “Dr. Ula Jurkunas”.
  • For Cancer, in 2nd place, the American Cancer Society is a good bet, although everyone seems to have a cancer story – so donate where it means most to you.
  • For ALS, in 3rd, there’s the ALS Association at

Some people chose their own charities as part of the overall drive – if you did that, you know exactly where to send the money to.


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