1999 AT hike mileage

In 1999 I completed my AT hike, having done 450+ miles in 1997, getting off the trail in Hannover due to crippling plantar fasciitis.   I’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet of my camp locations, miles per day, and a running average of miles/day for the whole trail.  Also included is my miles over a 7 day period, which peaked at 137.7 miles in PA.

During the first few weeks I suffered from some knee tendonitis, and in the last month or so I had terrible nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, I believe due to a combination of overuse of ibuprofen and probably some gastric distress due to not filtering my water.

I’ve included the last 3 days of zeros as well because I spent them in the Barn in Gorham trying to figure out if I could continue, having already completed the trail when I got to Hannover.    This skews the average somewhat, because I wasn’t yet off the trail, but not substantially.

I hope that this list is useful.

All Downhill From Here 1999

Thanks to those who made this possible:
Little Engine
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Purple Turkey

and anyone else who I missed

Happy trails.