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Wolf “mistaken for coyote” shot in Utah

January 8, 2015 smokebeard 0

A coyote hunter killed a wild wolf which had moved from the Grand Canyon area back into its historic range.  Coyote can be “shot on sight” in Utah.  Commercial ranching and misinformation place incredible pressure on grey wolves and coyote, […more]

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Sorry to sound like a broken record, but Plan Ahead And Prepare!

January 3, 2015 smokebeard 0 Terribly prepared man dies while hiking in Mexico.  RIP Hari. Lowlights from the article: accidentally summitted another mountain “I’m not exactly sure how to get down” the phone company released all the information from Khalsa’s phone but said the […more]

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Don’t pee in the pool!

April 22, 2014 smokebeard 0

Absent any recent knowledge about chemistry, and also a pre-21st century mindset that the world was large, and that actions in 1 place don’t impact others, they dumped chemical weapons into the ocean. Sadly this seems to still be […more]