For inspiration, a PCT2017 photo montage

Unemployed and taking a break from pre-hike chores, I started digging through my pictures from last year.   To psych myself up, I’ve put together a kind of highlight reel.   Photo montages with soundtracks are supposedly so last century, but then again, I’m kind of last century.

Without further ado.  Featured hikers:

Cosmo, Prickle, Larry, Redshift, Utah Aaron, Unstoppable Zod, Q, Lunch Box, Trailblazer and Ocelot.



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Smokebeard has hiked the 2652 mile Pacific Crest Trail, the 2160+ mile Appalachian Trail, the 73+ mile Great Glen Cycle Route, all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks, the 78+ mile Rhode Island North/South Trail, and the Saranac Six. He is also a certified Leave No Trace Trainer. A former MATC Caretaker in the Piazza Rock/Saddleback area, he’s passionate about applying Leave No Trace as an ethical system. His latest adventure was a 3 week thruhike of the 273 mile Long Trail in Vermont.

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