Flashback – AT99 – April 15

Damascus!   The promised land.    (note the picture is recent – there was a call out for money because the Place had been falling down, I think people raised something like $40K to fix it up!)

Pulled 18 to get here, after waiting out the rain until 9:30am.  Why get wet?   Saw my first cardinal today, as I walked out of the woods and into the residential area.  Oreo is going to the pound if they have one, I can’t manage her and all her shots and her food.  At a pizza joint now, waiting for food.   Everyone is here:

  • Speedy
  • Litttle Engine (who pulled 26 to get here)
  • Angel
  • Crispina & Marco Polo
  • Dodger
  • Long-haired Freaky People

and about 20 others are at The Place, a sort of quasi-anarchy, nobody-runs it, $2 hostel.   It rules.    What’s sad is that I found out later people camped in the yard and didn’t pay “because they didn’t take a bunk” – but still used the facilities.

This place is pretty cool, there’s even a jukebox, I’m in a 70s timewarp.   Seger, Charlie Daniels, the Eagles, etc.

Picked up some email at the library, and Maria (from Erwin) wrote me!

Doing big miles kind of bites.  Snack-less today, sore, wiped out, and just damn tired.  At one point I did a sort of primal scream, which made me feel much better.

The door here does a ‘ding’ anytime someone comes or goes, which is frequent, and thus, foul.

Took a NICE long shower though, so everything is good.   Clean, eating, sitting, boots are off…now all I need is to get laid.   Or not – when my bacon/jalapeno/pepperoni pizza arrives that might be just as good.

Two more northbounders passed me : RedFox and Shavin’ Dave.

Editor’s note:  I’ve since been in touch with RedFox, who is long retired.   He told me that Shavin’ Dave had passed away.   Happy trails, dude.

There’s a frantic “we made it” debauchery going on, people are pretty wasted, packed 6 to a booth, over-partying.   Maybe we did make it.   But combine it with the minor-key 70s ballads on the jukebox and there’s a hint of sadness, which only gets more pronounced as the partying increases.   I think I’m also between the demographics, neither a college kid nor retired.

I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow, need someone to take the dog, and I’m just beat.

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