LT12 – Irasville – 163

The first 150 miles are just training for the last 120. Or, as 3 high-octane SOBO hikers told me atop Stark’s Nest, “you’re getting into The Shit”. Part of me thinks, “bring it on”, while the other part starts the perpetual chess-game calculations of miles per hour, miles per day, and food carrying capacity. It’s…

LNT Principle 3: Dispose of Waste Properly

(First posted at The Trek) Pack It in, Pack It Out All of the Leave No Trace principles are geared around a common theme, preserving the wildness of the outdoors.   Depending on your world view, there’s a number of good reasons for this.  Mine are primarily selfish – I want things to stay nice so…


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Shit just got real

Hopefully I do not share Sampson’s fate.  I see myself more as Antaeus…except for the Hercules part.