PCT136 – 2295 – White Pass

August 28, 2018 smokebeard 3

It was a very hard to leave Trout Lake today. The Sun was shining, there was a breeze, the weather was nice, and there was plenty of good food and good people at hand. But, as I have said before, […more]

PCT133 – 2229 – Trout Lake

August 24, 2018 smokebeard 7

Leaving Cascade Locks. Another Ent. “Ah, young Master Smokebeard. I’m glad you’ve come. Hooom.” I spent $350 on food and postage for all of Washington. It’s a lot, but less than a dollar per mile. And nobody likes going hungry. […more]

PCT105 – 1718 – NorCal to Ashland

July 29, 2018 smokebeard 1

Yes, I fixed my phone. It turns out that Android keeps a sort of index of all your pictures, separate from the pictures themselves. And this index can get corrupted. Because programmers are lazy, nothing traps the error usefully, and […more]