Crowds, companions, and solitude

February 13, 2020 smokebeard 0

To me, long distance hiking is a solo endeavor, a chance to get in touch with myself, and enjoy the solitude and wonder of nature as an active spectator. There are many who enjoy travelling in a Trail Family; some […more]

Call me Smokebeard

November 24, 2019 smokebeard 1

(with apologies to Melville) I recently picked up Moby Dick again and was immediately struck by the opening lines. With some modifications, here they are: Call me Smokebeard. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my […more]

LT17 – Johnson – 222

September 24, 2019 smokebeard 1

Sep 18 – Day 12 Into and out of Waitsfield, with a long stopover at Three Mountain Coffee. After dillydallying as long as i could, I started walking to theedge of town where the road made an obvious split north. […more]