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For inspiration, a PCT2017 photo montage

April 8, 2018 smokebeard 0

Unemployed and taking a break from pre-hike chores, I started digging through my pictures from last year.   To psych myself up, I’ve put together a kind of highlight reel.   Photo montages with soundtracks are supposedly so last century, but then […more]

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PCT2017 Mileage Math

August 6, 2017 smokebeard 0

Second in the series of meta-posts, here’s some math around how much hiking I did.   Note that I’ve skipped the days spent in Idyllwild pulling thorn things out of my feet as zeroes, these are just the hiking days. […more]

Gear List & Review

August 4, 2017 smokebeard 0

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me about gear, so I thought I’d share what I used on the PCT2017 trip.   Outside of a few trinkets, my famous tampon-case first-aid kit, and 1 Patagonia shirt, nothing has survived […more]

PCT2017: Coda

June 22, 2017 smokebeard 3

Well, the foot doctor told me 8-12 weeks before I can really do anything remotely like hiking, so, borrowing a term from baseball, I’m “shut down” for the rest of the season.  This will probably be my last “PCT2017” tagged […more]

PCT+9 = Homeward Bound

June 20, 2017 smokebeard 4

Not a bad way to spend 40 days. I suppose.  Final tally, 19 days of hiking, 369 miles. 21 days of travel, broken bones, thorns, mammoths and boardwalk ice cream cones.  Decent, although I can’t quite decide if going slower […more]