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Leaving no trace in paradise

December 8, 2015 smokebeard 0

Digging through some old hiking photos from Hawaii, I was struck how similar the trail is to New England, despite having probably 1/100 of the traffic.   That volcanic soil just can’t take the abuse, similar to the thin layer of […more]

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Adirondack Trip May 2015

May 19, 2015 smokebeard 0

  4 down, 7 out of 46 to go. I got up to Keene Valley at about 10am on Saturday, rented one of those bear cannisters at The Mountaineer, then drove back S to the Elk Lake Preserve to hike […more]

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Second quinzhee attempt, Winter: 1, Ed: 1

February 21, 2015 smokebeard 0

As I previously wrote here, I have been looking to sharpen my winter hiking skills.   The first attempt consisted of piling up snow, letting it sinter, then hollowing it out.  The results were positive, although I learned that a) […more]