PCT2018 Gear List

March 2, 2018 smokebeard 2

(Originally published at The Trek) I have a few purchases left to make, but right now my gear list is pretty solid. Pack weight is just at 13 lbs, and that includes a 1 lb fudge-factor for things like chapstick, […more]

Gear List & Review

August 4, 2017 smokebeard 0

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me about gear, so I thought I’d share what I used on the PCT2017 trip.   Outside of a few trinkets, my famous tampon-case first-aid kit, and 1 Patagonia shirt, nothing has survived […more]

MSR Revo Explore 25 review

February 20, 2015 smokebeard 1

Disclaimer: I’ve never snowshoed before, and have no experience, other than selling them when I worked at an outfitter a very long time ago. Before I begin, kudos to LL Bean – for the 10% off online shopping, the free […more]