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Lake Morena.  Mile 20ish.  Here with about a dozen others, just 2 I know, Johnny Rocket and Butter.  Legs ok, feet sore.  More moleskin tomorrow.  Had a terrific day, with a nice 2 hour siesta, food and chat with a few others including  a guy from Holland. Saw: LIZARDS, horned toad, some cool blue starling…

Shit just got real

Hopefully I do not share Sampson’s fate.  I see myself more as Antaeus…except for the Hercules part.

Death by a thousand grams

In the final stages of trip planning and packing, I have a tendency to enter what I call the “kitchen sink” phase.  While I have no proof, I suspect others run into the same challenge.   At this phase your pack is packed, the weight dialed in on your spreadsheet, key decisions made about what…