PCT13 – Well THAT happened

May 26, 2017 smokebeard 1

Pro tip : if it feels like you are stepping on a nail every time you take a step, perhaps there is something stuck in your foot.  No scale in the pic, but it’s about an inch long.  It’s called […more]

PCT9 – trail mile 166.5

May 23, 2017 smokebeard 5

Total miles something like 180.  A long, hot couple of days from Warner Springs.  The feet are unhappy.  But Eagle Rock was awesome. Mike’s was a handy break.  I figure $4 for 4L of water is an excellent deal.  I […more]

PCT5 – 101 miles

May 19, 2017 smokebeard 3

Administrivia:  you don’t need Instagram to follow the pics, just look in the lower right of the page.  The latest ones are there and if you click around in there you can see the rest. Exhausting and exhilarating 5 days. […more]