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1997 AT Mileage

January 24, 2015 smokebeard 0

I started southbound in June of 1997, with too much pack weight, bad boots, and a few unrealistic expectations.   By Hannover my fasciitis was so bad, I had to get off the trail.   Here’s a Google doc spreadsheet of my […more]

1999 AT hike mileage

January 23, 2015 smokebeard 0

In 1999 I completed my AT hike, having done 450+ miles in 1997, getting off the trail in Hannover due to crippling plantar fasciitis.   I’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet of my camp locations, miles per day, and a running […more]

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“Wild” movie review

January 10, 2015 smokebeard 0

Meh. First off, it’s not a hiking movie.   There’s some scenery, and a few legit interactions between the main character and other hikers, and some might-not-have-happened-but-definitely-could-have scary scenes with some hunters, but it’s not a hiking movie. It’s a movie […more]

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Wolf “mistaken for coyote” shot in Utah

January 8, 2015 smokebeard 0

A coyote hunter killed a wild wolf which had moved from the Grand Canyon area back into its historic range.  Coyote can be “shot on sight” in Utah.  Commercial ranching and misinformation place incredible pressure on grey wolves and coyote, […more]